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July 16, 2020


Roemer: "It's a perfect time to be bold."

Saying the challenges and uncertainties of the summer of 2020 "absolutely represent the perfect moment in time to introduce bold ideas, and create new opportunities," Louisiana businessman Charles E. "Chas" Roemer IV today announced the reformation of RRM and Co. as Chas Roemer Innovations.

Roemer said much of his inspiration for CRI ( developed from conversations he's had during the Coronavirus shutdown, when entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives alike seemed paralyzed. Invariably, however, Roemer said the smarter, more energetic ones you talked to were "chomping at the bit" at the prospects for progress and opportunity.

"What the more foresighted executives are seeing with great clarity right now is a unique moment in history, an opportunity to introduce new ideas and dynamic strategies," Roemer said. "It has often been from the most trying times that Americans have found their deepest inspiration and greatest courage. We are convinced that this is one of those times, and the announcement of CRI represents our investment in that conviction."

Roemer said CRI would absorb his former company, Roemer Robinson Melville and Co., and direct and manage investments and operations for several concurrent and new energy, financial, sports, education and business ventures.

Roemer, through RRM and Co., has established a solid record for innovation and success over the past 20 years, founding and managing financial institutions, collaborating with universities to build on-campus housing for retirees, promoting and supporting new businesses and reforms in education, energy, media and security.

CRI is already the principal investor and manager of G2 Net-Zero, a Louisiana-based company building the world's first liquefied natural gas export and industrial gas production complex promising net-zero carbon emissions from upstream to dockside by as early as 2026. Without burden of existing expensive infrastructure costs, and coupled with a burgeoning world energy market demanding net-zero emissions by 2050, G2 stands to be one of the cleanest and most profitable LNG projects in the world by the late 2020's.

Roemer, a former statewide member, and then President of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), led a strong group of young reformers to institute higher standards in the classrooms by finding the best teachers and implementing advancements that would guarantee a positive difference in young lives. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation on New Orleans, he also personally established what would become the strongest Charter School System in America.

"I think there is an enormous appetite for approaching challenges differently," Roemer said. "I think most people are tired of divisiveness and arguments that ignore the core problems. Most people want jobs and a clean environment. Most people want to do good in their communities and make a profit. Most people don't think somebody else has to lose in order for them to win.

"In the ventures we are undertaking at CRI, we are often inviting opposites to work together, to find solutions, to redefine winning and success," Roemer said. "We're finding out that there are some great ideas, some solid risk taking investors, and a business community that is eager to reward ingenuity and resourcefulness and go way beyond what I still hear some people call a 'new normal'."

CRI is also investing in the creation of an imaginative, expansive academic-sports training facility in Louisiana that will concentrate on preparing high school athletes from around the country for college and all facets of the business of professional athletics – socially, scholastically, physically, and emotionally. The facility will be the first-of-its-kind combination profit/not-for-profit sports academy in the United States.

"Sports and competition provide enormous avenues for learning, whether you are developing young athletes, sports journalists, prospective coaches or executives, agents, and administrators, or even professional owners," Roemer said. "We certainly know, on the academic side, that you can better educate for life if you can first capture the love and imagination of students. We are in the early stages of determining exactly how we can create the most fascinating environment for opening the minds and lives of dreamer-athletes. We couldn't be more thrilled with an idea."

Roemer said the secret to the success of CRI will be through building a collaborative, no holds-barred "idea factory" approach for inventors, investors, builders, growers, thinkers, and motivators.

"I'm excited every single day that there will be a fresh concept out there, or a special, talented individual who has the wisdom and knowledge to dazzle us with new management concepts, financial planning, facilities planning, or can sell the biggest breakthroughs we've ever known," Roemer said. "We are putting together the team of investors, believers, innovators, idea men and women; influencers who we believe already understand the next generation of need, and are now working on providing the supply.

"I know some fear the timing of our announcement, well into several months of Coronavirus shut-down, with unemployment at frightening levels, political uncertainty, and even anxieties and grief over the security and welfare of our nation," Roemer said. "I maintain that history has taught us that our spirit and energies are at their best when they are required. Waiting for things to return to an old normal may be a prayerful hope, but it's not a strategy. Chas Roemer Innovations intends to be in that mix when the problem-solvers are looking for their answers. We're going to be ready."

Contact: Denise Michaels at mediarelations@chasroemerinnnovations or 202.262.9688

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2022 June 21

Can Natural Gas Be Used to Create Power With Fewer Emissions?

LA PORTE, TEXAS — It wasn’t like it is in the movies. Nobody pulled down a big switch on the wall, producing a satisfying “thunk” and crackle of electricity. Instead, one evening last November, a shift supervisor for NET Power, a clean-energy technology company, clicked a mouse several times in a control room set in a double-wide trailer. With the last click, the company’s generator synchronized with the Texas grid, a major step toward providing power to homes and businesses. Twenty-seven minutes later, the supervisor cut off the connection. It might not sound like much, but that brief display at this demonstration plant — with a fraction of the capacity of a full-scale facility — showed that…

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Ukraine crisis could increase demand for Louisiana LNG in Europe

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine could impede natural gas supplies for Europe, which in turn could increase demand for liquefied natural gas. If so, this trend would be unlikely to provide a major boost for Louisiana’s LNG sector in the short term, because the sector’s capacity already is basically maxed out, says David Dismukes, executive director of the LSU Center for Energy Studies. However, it could make a big difference eventually if it causes Europeans to rethink their reliance on Russian gas. “It should have some positive effect on…

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2022 Jan 25

The Era of Cheap Renewables Grinds To A Halt

The continual decline in production cost for wind, solar, and EV batteries was touted as the driver of their growing adoption and ultimate takeover of the global grid. Up until two years ago, there was no other scenario on the table—even though inflation was as much a reality then as it is now. Only now, it has become a lot more pronounced. At a recent metals and mining conference in Riyadh, several attendees noted that the mining industry had fallen out of favor with lenders because it was deemed as damaging for the environment as oil and gas. Yet now, it is becoming…

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2021 Dec 14


Saying “America can’t afford to wait for ‘some-day’ answers,’” Louisiana business leader Charles E. “Chas” Roemer today announced plans to expand and accelerate the scope and timetable for the G2 net-zero emissions energy complex to be built in Southwest Louisiana. Roemer said the facility will, within the next four years, be the first to use NET Power’s breakthrough technology to deliver to the marketplace environmentally responsible electrical power and will be...

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2021 May 6


NET Power and G2 Net-Zero LNG executed a new Letter of Intent following the release of a pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) report last week. G2’s Net-Zero LNG export facility will be the first to integrate NET Power’s Allam-Fetvedt Cycle technology which removes all CO2 emissions from the natural gas liquefaction process to achieve a unique carbon net-zero energy mix of industrial gases, electricity and LNG. The pre-FEED report is a key milestone in accelerating the project’s FEED study, which is already partially completed, with increased confidence...

Open Press Release
2021 Mar 2

Chas Roemer: Capturing 4 million net tons of carbon dioxide annually is G2 Net Zero’s strategy

At full capacity, proposed Louisiana LNG export facility G2 Net Zero plans to capture over 4 million tons of carbon dioxide on an annual basis, Chairman Chas Roemer tells Natural Gas Intelligence in a new interview. Roemer tells the energy market publication he believes his project is the first net-zero LNG export project under development in the world and—more importantly—will be the first to achieve net-zero…

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2021 Feb 25

Louisiana Export Project Could be in ‘High Demand’ as LNG Market Targets Emissions

Global buyers are increasingly scrutinizing how liquefied natural gas (LNG) is produced and delivered, with an eye on the environment. A proposed export terminal in Louisiana could be the first to produce net-zero emissions LNG. G2 Net Zero LNG Chairman Chas Roemer believes a more responsibly produced LNG is imperative as both the environment and market demand it. At full capacity, the G2 terminal would produce 13 million metric tons/year (mmty) of LNG from a location on the Calcasieu Ship Channel. The company expects to start exporting…

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2020 Oct 29

On Gulf Coast, is carbon storage the next big thing?

WASHINGTON - Two years ago, Louisiana investor Chas Roemer was moving ahead on building an LNG export terminal in southwest Louisiana when he ripped up his plans. With customers abroad under regulatory pressures to address climate change, he decided his project needed to be cleaner than the glut of other LNG facilities going up along the Gulf Coast. So, Roemer, a partner at a Baton Rouge private equity, began looking into storing underground the vast amounts of carbon dioxide his facility would produce. And he wasn’t alone. Plans…

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2020 Oct 13

G2 Net-Zero LNG Chairman Chas Roemer today announced the appointment of Angele Davis as G2’s new CEO

G2 Net-Zero LNG Chairman Chas Roemer today announced the appointment of Angele Davis as G2’s new CEO. Tom Hudson, G2’s former CEO, will stay on as a senior advisor to Roemer and Davis. “Tom was pivotal in getting G2 to the position where we are poised to be the world’s first net-zero emissions LNG industrial complex,” said Roemer. “No one else could have gotten us so far, so fast, partnering us with a lineup of industry game-changers. He and I have been talking about this transition for a year and we believe this is the right time. We feel fortunate to have someone with Angele’s skills and experience to take the project from here.” Davis, who joined G2 as Chief Financial ...

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2020 Sep 8

Loren Scott LSU Economic Outlook Report Sept 8 2020

Progress has picked up on the proposed G2 LNG facility on the Calcasieu Ship Channel. Now known as G2 Net Zero LNG, the company plans to build the world’s first net-zero greenhouse emissions LNG and industrial gas production complex to differentiate it from other LNG projects. The team is now composed of several global innovators including Siemens Energy, Inc. and 8 Rivers/NET Power. The firm is at the capital raising stage and wants to start with construction (beginning September 2022) of a $1.136 billion NET power plant.

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2020 Aug 28

‘To play a profitable role in the future, LNG will have to be clean’: G2 Net-Zero LNG

G2 Net-Zero LNG, formerly known as G2 LNG, is an energy products company based in Louisiana. In partnership with Siemens Energy, infrastructure developer 8 Rivers/NET Power and energy advisory firm EJM Associates, it plans to build the world’s first net-zero LNG export and industrial gas production complex. G2 Net-Zero LNG says the 13 mtpa plant, located on the Calcasieu Ship Channel, three miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, will be the first to deliver “a profitable portfolio of uniquely differentiated energy products,” while achieving net-zero....

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2020 Aug 14

The rise of carbon-neutral LNG: First step towards a decarbonised LNG sector?

Pavilion Energy is closing in on the world’s first term supply deal for carbon-neutral LNG after issuing a request for proposal (RFP) in April. As part of the RFP, the firm requested potential suppliers to commit to jointly develop and implement a greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification and reporting methodology, covering emissions from the wellhead through to the LNG terminal. Spinning the line of ‘gas being the cleanest burning fossil fuel’ is no longer enough for the industry facing the decarbonisation agenda, as emphasis of regulators and public opinion has shifted to GHG emissions associated with the LNG full...

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2020 June 19

ESIS: The world’s first net-zero LNG export and industrial gas production complex

Mr. Charles E. ‘Chas’ Roemer, IV discusses the world’s first net-zero LNG export and industrial gas production complex. An EnergySource Innovation Stream event.
2020 June 19

G2 LNG relaunches with net-zero goal, will seek new permit

A US liquefied natural gas export terminal project, shelved in 2017, will seek new approval for novel plan to curb emissions with technology and offsets. Developers of a long-planned US liquefied natural gas export terminal in Louisiana have relaunched the project with an ambitious goal: to be the first net-zero carbon emissions LNG facility in the world. They will restart the process of getting a permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission early next year, after exiting the federal permitting process in 2017 as competition had stacked up in the US LNG sector, the project's chairman Charles...

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2020 June 19

Atlantic Council Global Energy Center-Host Charles E. 'Chas' Roemer, IV, Chairman, G2 Net-Zero LNG

Please join the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center for the next installment of EnergySource Innovation Stream, where we highlight new energy technologies with the potential to reshape the global energy system through discussions with companies and individuals working diligently to bring those innovations to market at scale. On Friday, June 19, from 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. EDT, the Global Energy Center will host Charles E. 'Chas' Roemer, IV, Chairman, G2 Net-Zero LNG.

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2020 Apr 09

The journey to net-zero emissions LNG

It has become clear that achieving emissions targets and meeting the world’s growing demand for power will require a mix of generation from cost-competitive renewables and cleaner-burning hydrocarbons—most notably natural gas. Through 2040, the two are expected to make up 80% of additional energy demand (from today), with gas taking the lion’s share at 43%. Despite its emergence as a bridge fuel to a future where renewables dominate the energy landscape, the environmental impact associated with producing, transporting and delivering natural gas in the form of LNG to…

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2020 Mar 08

Germany Proves How Essential Natural Gas Is – And The U.S. Must Supply

No country ever has spent more money forcing the adoption of renewable energy than Germany. Passed in 2010, Germany’s Energiewende is an “energy transition” based on relentlessly installing as much wind and solar power capacity as possible, with little to no consideration to cost. The Energiewende demanding the use of renewables could ultimately cost the country as much as…

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2015 July 22

The Young Turks: No. 7 in #Famechangers Digital Star Ranking

Radio host and lawyer Cenk Uygur started The Young Turks as a talkshow on Sirius in 2002. In 2005, he started posting TYT videos to YouTube, an early arrival to the then-fledgling startup, and it has since grown into a 60-employee bicoastal operation that produces shows ranging from current events and sports to pop culture and tech on 18 YouTube channels. The network’s flagship remains “The Young Turks,” a live weekday news and commentary program hosted by Uygur and Ana Kasparian…

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2015 Dec 29

Mediaite’s 25 Most Influential in Political News Media 2015

It’s time to acknowledge the biggest movers-and-shakers who have set the media agenda for the 2015 political year that was. This list recognizes those influential few whose voices and/or power rang out louder than the rest. In a year where a focus on national politics rose as a result of a contentious, bizarre, and always entertaining primary season, the writers, editors, TV personalities and business people on this list have had the greatest impact in how politics gets delivered to the masses. Placing these…

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2015 Dec 23

Qylur Intelligent Systems Adds Homeland Security Expert to Advisory Board

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 23, 2015) - Qylur Intelligent Systems, an intelligent systems company based in Silicon Valley, today announced that Dr. Erroll Southers, managing director of counter-terrorism and infrastructure protection from TAL Global, will be joining Qylur's advisory board. Southers is an internationally recognized expert on counter-terrorism, homeland security, aviation terrorism, school safety, and infrastructure…

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2013 Oct 21

The Self-Service Future of Security-Youtube

The first automated, self-service security-screening kiosk was unveiled at Lincoln Center in New York. Founder of Qylur Security Systems, Dr. Lisa Dolev tells us how it works and why it is the future of security…

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2014 May 06

The Young Turks And The Future Of News On YouTube

Cenk Uygur may be the most widely watched political talk show host you’ve never heard of. Uygur, a former lawyer, started The Young Turks, a talk show, on Sirius Radio in 2002. (The name derives from a phrase referring to rebellious members of an institution, while also nodding towards Uygur’s Turkish heritage.) He brought his show to YouTube before you had even probably heard of YouTube, in 2005, and after dabbling as a commentator on…

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2014 Aug 18

New vision for security blends overt measures into experience

Sports venues today spend billions of dollars as executives, engineers and marketers address their primary objectives of entertaining fans and filling seats. With home entertainment options growing for fans, the sports business is countering by offering an elevated fan experience that can only be found in stadiums. Teams spare no expense to make every game day an over-the-top experience. The “showtime” effect drove a record number of eyeballs…

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2014 Aug

A&S International August 2014

Another favorable screening device used during the World Cup was developed by an American homeland security technology company based 1n Silicon Valley, Qylur Security Systems. The Brazilian government used Qylur's security screening solution at the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil, to ease and facilitate the process of screening the spectators. "Qylur's fan friendly, multi-threat screening solution for bags and IDs comprises of five concurrently operating…

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2014 Apr 16

Buddy Roemer firm invests $4 million in Young Turks Network

A firm led by former Republican governor and congressman Buddy Roemer is investing millions into The Young Turks Network to significantly increase its content, sales, and platform presence.The investment of $4 million, with an option to go up to $8 million, came out of a conversation Roemer and The Young Turks Network founder Cenk Uygur had backstage before speaking at a conference about money in politics last year…

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