If there has ever been a phrase that I disdain more than “we are in a new normal,” I can’t think of it. I don’t accept the new normal as others describe it. One that is more distant. One that is less safe. One with fewer choices.

I see a world drastically different, and one that I hope is never satisfied with the idea that a new normal even exists. I see a world where innovation and ideas continue to challenge whatever one may believe is the new normal. At 50, I realize my greatest moments, thus far, have been because I questioned what is considered normal. We started a bank with no branches. Crazy they said. We said children of every means and color could learn if given the opportunity, so we started the first charter school in Louisiana. We thought getting old didn’t mean you quit learning so we helped develop retirement communities on college campuses. We thought security could be both better and less invasive so we invested in new technology that use AI and the I.O.T to make the Olympics, the World Cup, the Museum of the Bible and many other venues safer and smarter.

And we are now applying those same thoughts to energy. I live in a state, Louisiana, that has had as its economic foundation the oil and gas and petrochemical business. If you accept the new normal as many would present it, it’s a world in which renewable energy rules the world and fossil fuels have gone the way of, well, the dinosaurs. Well, what if I told you I could use innovations in technology to remove the emissions from the development of LNG? What if I told you I could do that AND make a profit AND provide AFFORDABLE energy to the world? That would be a game-changer, wouldn’t it?

In the middle of chaos, we considered who are we and what do we do. It’s simple. We dream. We create. We invest. So we decided to change our name.

RRM is now Chas Roemer Innovations. We can do more.